Five years ago I attended a seminar that started me thinking about self-esteem, self-confidence, and postive thinking. It also started me thinking about why I was the way I was. Why did I think the negative thoughts I thought, why wasn't I happy with myself, etc? What did others who seemed confident and happy have that I didn't? What made them succeed where others didn't? It also prompted me to buy a cassette tape series for a lot more money than I at the time would of usually spent. This was the start of my pursuit for obtaining a more positive thinking attitude.

The seminar had nothing to do with positive thinking. It actually was about project management. At the end of the day the speaker started talking about the products the company he worked for had available for sale. I thought, well here's a sales pitch coming. But what followed was one of the most uplifting talks I had, up to that time ever heard. He talked about a man who had changed his life and instilled in him the self-confidence he needed to get into the public speaking circuit. He spoke so sincerely about it, it was hard not to be touched. He talked about how his new career had given him a better income and lifestyle. But what he emphasized was how the tapes had helped inspire him spiritually and emotionally; how it increased his self-esteem. He said that if everyone could gain in self-esteem how much better the world would be. He spoke about if kids were brought up to love themselves and feel confident about themselves, what a profound effect that could have on society. He definitely struck a chord with me. I wanted what he said the tapes gave him. I bought the tapes, took them home, listened to them, enjoyed them.

A year later I found myself at about one level higher than I had been before the seminar and the tapes but still the negative thoughts drove me. I joined a MLM group and found the positive energy that I so craved for back. You may not have a positive view of MLM but what it did do for me and many others was give us hope that we could be better than we were and that we could help others to succeed. This group brought me in to contact with excellent books and tapes. It helped me to feel better about myself and others.

Many of the self-help books I have read have said that five years from now we will still be the same as we are now. What will be different is the books we have read and the people we have associated with. These two things can have a great impact on the success we will have in life.

It is hard to keep the momentum going once you have left the seminar or no longer associate with the positive thinking people you once did.

There is alot of crappy news going on in the world which can make it hard to stay positive.

As a person strives to succeed or change there will be those who, perhaps unknowingly, will do what they can to stop you in your new pursuit.

This site is created for those who want to create and maintain a positive thinking attitude. It's a place for a slap on the back when things go well, a helping hand when times are tough, a hug for the world when it needs it most. It is for everyone of all ages and backgrounds.