The End of the Day Past Thoughts
"Your vision will become clear
                        only when you can look into your
                         own heart.  Who looks outside,
                        dreams; who looks inside, awakes."
                                 --Carl Jung
                        "If you want peace, stop fighting."
                              --Peter McWilliams

 If you're feeling low, don't despair.
The sun has a sinking spell every night,
but it comes back up every morning.

Give someone you love a hug goodnight. (Make sure you have their permission first.)

Adapted from The Hug Therapy Book by Kathleen Keating

Keep a diary of your daily wins and accomplishments.
If your life is worth living, it is worth recording. -- Marilyn Grey

You are richer today 
than you were yesterday 
If you have laughed often, 
given something, 
forgiven even more, 
made a new friend, 
or made stepping stones of stumbling blocks."
- Found on Positive Thoughts for Positive People Board; posted by Susan Jacobs -

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