Confidence & Attitude
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How to Have Confidence & Power in Dealing with People Hung by the Tongue 
by France P. Martin
The Winning Attitude-Your Key to Personal Success 
by John C. Maxwell
Think On Your Feet - The Art of Thinking and Speaking Under Pressure 
by Kenneth Wydro
Pillars of  Success
by Stephen Kagin

I found a fantastic little book called "Pillars of Success" by Stephen Kagin in an advertisement at the back of a military publication.  I don't know how widely circulated it is at the present time but it can be ordered by phone at (502) 225-9360 or by mail at P.O. Box 302, La Grange, KY 40031. 
It's a fantastic, quick read.  Didn't cost very much and is full of great inspiration.  I'm an attorney in the JAG Corps for the Army and have recommended it to all of my peers.  Get it! 
Don Gifford 
CPT, JAG Corps

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