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ZDNet - operates a worldwide network of Web sites for people who want to buy, use, and learn about technology. Winner of the Computer Press Association's "Best Overall Site" award for two consecutive years, ZDNet provides an invaluable perspective and resources for technology decision makers to gain an edge in business.
WinSite - Welcome to WinSite, The Planet's Largest Software Archive for Windows shareware and trialware on the Internet. WinSite Group (formerly the CICA Windows FTP archives) went on the air Friday, October 13th, 1995. Despite the superstitious date, we emerged from the temporary accomodations generously provided by CICA, to a full T1 Internet connection (which we easily saturated), with three times the processing power and twice the disk space. - CNET, is the most comprehensive and useful resource on the Web for digital downloading. The site is a trusted source of information for buyers and sellers of try-before-you-buy software, enabling IS/IT professionals, developers, business users, and personal technology enthusiasts to have a hands-on evaluation of products they're considering for purchase. With millions of visitors each day and tens of thousands of content publishers represented, is an established and active marketplace for digital content distribution.
MOUS - Microsoft Office User Speclialist (MOUS) certification, the premier Microsoft desktop certification, is a globally recognized standard for demonstrating desktop skills. The MOUS program helps meet the demand for qualified and knowledgeable people in the modern workplace.
MeasureUp - Online assessment testing for Microsoft's MOUS centification.
Computer Hope - Founded in November 1998, Computer Hope™ re-invented the term technical support offering free technical support to everyone no mater the computer, the hardware, the software, or the operating system. Computer Hope intends to continue to offer free support to all users VIA the internet with the Intentions of becoming the largest free support center on-line something that most companies cannot unfortunately offer to everyone. However with the power of Computer Hope other sites can link into its database to allow their users to get free support without any of the hassle of implementing thousands of pages of information, continuing to update the content of its pages each day and insuring that every link works throughout its database.