Microsoft Internet Explorer Quiz

Objective: answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly.

1. What is Internet Explorer?

An Icon
A File Manager
A Browser
The Internet

2. What do I need to get onto the Internet?

All of the above

3. What is an ISP?

Internet System Protocol
Internal System Proggram
Internet Service Provider
None of the above

4. Pick an example of a IP address?

5. Which is not a domain name extention


6. What is a hyperlink?

A program
Labels, values, functions and formulas
None of the above

7. What is a FTP program used for?

Transferring files to and from an Internet server
Designing a website
Connecting to the internet
None of the above

8. What does HTTP stand for?

Home Text Title Page
Hyper Text Training Program
An acronym
Hyper Text Transport Protocol

9. Which is not a legal Internet address?

10. What does HTML stand for?

Handy Text Makeup Language
Hyper Text Markup Language
Horrible Text Markup Language
None of the above

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